Benefits of Laminate Countertops


There are unlimited choices available in the market for countertop materials. Homeowners often find it confusing to choose the best finish option as it demands analysis on several parameters.

Laminate countertops are gaining popularity the past few years due to their wide range of benefits that are often overlooked.

When most homeowners prefer to consider granite as their first choice for countertop installation; here we are talking about Laminate. Probably, after knowing the amazing benefits of this material, you will find it the most appropriate choice for your new kitchen.

Why is it good to choose laminate countertops for your kitchen?

They are a budget-friendly choice:

Laminate is a cost-effective choice for average homeowners. Even including various considerations, the overall installation cost of laminate material used to be 25% lesser as compared to other competitive materials.

The estimated cost of quartz or granite finish for a kitchen goes somewhere around $4000 to $8000 whereas in case of laminate material the whole kitchen installation will cost only between $1000 and $2000.

It means you can spend this money for decorating other parts of the house or kitchen.

They need very less maintenance:

If you are thinking to add marble or granite materials for your countertop finish then you also need to plan a budget for their yearly maintenance. They require sealing at least once a year and you have to call professionals to do that. The cleaning task also becomes difficult for such materials.

But when we talk about laminate finish it is good by all means. You need to invest in its installation at once and then cleaning and maintenance can be done easily with DIY procedures. You can clean them instantly by just wiping a damp cloth that is why Laminate is considered as most versatile material for countertop installations. Even the sticky grease can be taken out with soapy water.

They are available in wide range of patterns:

The great news for homeowners is that laminate offers them a wide range of selection options to meet the requirements of a dream interior d├ęcor. The market offers impressive patterns and finishes that can add beautiful looks to your modern kitchen. There are unlimited colors available with a solid finish and they suit to all types of kitchens.

Also, the material is budget friendly so you can prefer to add a new look after few years by choosing a new color out of selection.

They offer a versatile choice:

Even if you have designed your kitchen in an uneven fashion then also it is possible to finish the area with the laminate material because it can be cut easily into any desired shape. In simple words, laminate works like a most versatile solution for your rooms that have odd dimensions.

With all such features, laminate definitely becomes a pretty good option for your kitchen. You can find a wide range of color, design and pattern options online to make the final selection as per your home modeling.

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