Popular Flooring Designs in 2018

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Flooring trends keep changing year in, year out. Besides that, there are also changes in technology and tastes giving rise to new trends every year. Eco-friendly flooring is also a growing new trend. That’s why styles and tastes that were great last year might no longer enjoy the same popularity at the moment. 2018 is already here and is, in fact, already shaped when it comes to flooring trends. Here are 2018 flooring trends you should consider:

#1: Textured Tiles

2018 brings the smooth and porcelain tiles in a new twist and look. If you haven’t been a fan of the glasslike smoothness, then you finally have an option. Textured tiles are already in the market and are among the top 2018 trends you can consider. These tiles have been made in a special way to resemble other flooring materials such as wood. In fact, the 2018 porcelain wood tile is almost 100% similar to the real wood. Indeed, this is a great flooring option worth trying if you are keen to get something new on your floor in 2018.

#2: Graphic Tiles

If you love artful tiles and would like to incorporate them into your flooring style at home, then 2018 brings you graphic tiles. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers are now able to replicate as many image styles on tiles. You just need to choose what is okay for you, and you’ll have amazing patterns on your floor. Graphic tiles come in many writings and patterns to meet the diverse needs of homeowners. Just be sure to be diligent about tile cleaning or the floor won’t look good for long. We recommend to find a recommended tile cleaner on Yelp.

#3: Bleached Woods

Have you been feeling uncomfortable with the brown stains on your wooden floor? You finally have an option in the form of a whitewashed look of bleached woods. This new technology gets rid of the brown stains but with care not to bleach the beauty and charm of a wooden floor. If you had planned to carry out some renovation in 2018, then this is one of the trends you can consider for your property.

#4: Fumed Wood

If you’ve been keen to find out what happens in the making of flooring materials, you must have already known that almost all options must undergo some staining to get their desired finishes and colors. Fumed woods do not, however, get their rich color through staining. Instead, the process they undergo is called staining. This process creates the desired change and gives the wood a rich color.

#5: Vintage Black & White

More and more homeowners are welcoming the strong comeback of vintage black and white. For a long time, vintage has always been bringing back from the memories of many decades. Its unique twist in the 2018 Vintage black and white has won the hearts of many, and you can try it if you are planning to renovate your floor.

Now you know what’s trending in the market in 2018 regarding flooring. Every year comes with new stuff and these are the top trends that are already changing the looks of homes and offices this year. Have a look at them, understand and then decide which option is good for you.

Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

The truth is that cold weather is on its way whether you want it or not. There are various chores, repairs and upgrades you can do throughout your home in order to improve its insulation and energy-efficiency prior to the winter weather arriving.

These chores will go along way to creating a cozy and comfortable living space for you and your family to enjoy indoors when the weather outdoors isn’t as inviting.



Prior to the winter weather, go into your attic space in your home and inspect the current condition of the insulation. Look for areas where there isn’t a thick level of insulation along the floor of the attic. Also inspect the roof above for cracks or gaps in the roof where cold air could enter into the attic and into your home.


Go to your local hardware store and purchase some plastic window sealant. This is an easy project that requires only a couple of hours to complete and will be very helpful for warming your home. You just need to place the plastic over each window and then tape it along the window frame. You should only need to purchase one or two rolls depending on the size of your home or the number of windows.


This is a larger project but if your home has laminate floors, hardwood floors or tile floors in need of repair or replacement, now might be the time to consider carpet in your home. You will find that carpet is much warmer than hard-surface flooring and will insulate your home during cold weather. This additional insulation will also help to reduce energy costs during the winter.


Be sure to replace your furnace filter prior to the arrival of cold weather. A dirty furnace filter is much less efficient than a clean one and will not perform to its highest potential. To replace a furnace filter is a very fast project and usually costs no more than $10-20 per filter.


For additional heat in a room, consider placing one or two space heaters throughout the room. Remember to turn off the space heaters before leaving your home or going to bed for the evening. If the weather isn’t too cold, it might be cheaper to run a space heater and bundle up under a blanket instead of turning on the heat in your home.

We hope these tips help you stay warm in your home this winter. No one is comfortable when their home is cold and these tips will help ensure you and your family won’t get the chills when inside the walls of your home.

Lessons in Home Repair

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